Kwan Ai Khwan Ma

More than 2 weeks have passed.

I don't know until now, the DTAC employees will be breathing badly – ​​sorry yet?

After the board of both True and DTAC

Resolved to knock on the name of the new company obtained from the merger between them as "True Corporation Public Company Limited"

Oh well!

Repeatedly and reiterated that this alliance is extremely equal.

Both parties hold approximately 30% of the shares equally, so why is the name of the new company only "True"? Group, a major shareholder in DTAC, explains that because True offers a wide range of services and covers more

But Khun Sikve did not mention it.

In addition to using the True name, it should be worth more than not wasting time.

Money wasted on re-branding.

What is more important than keeping the name

"Total Access Communication Public Company Limited"

is that Telenor will be the owner of a new business using a shortcut, whether Internet broadband service

“True Online”

, TV application

“True ID”

and many other businesses under the True Kingdom.

In addition, he has negotiated the power of management in all important parts in his hands.

from marketing, sales, finance and technology

The cheerleaders do not have to be upset or disappointed.

Mr. Sikwe, you come quietly, but sweep cleanly.