"Today's gold price"

opens the market on Thursday morning, January 26, the price has been increased by 150 baht, for the price

of "gold bars",

sold for 30,100 baht per baht, while the price for

"gold ornaments"

sold for 30,600 baht per baht

Gold price today, 26 January 2023, gold bars, gold ornaments, trading per baht

  • Gold bars

    buy at 30,000 baht per baht weight and sell out at 30,100 baht per baht weight.

  • Price of gold ornaments

    : buy at 29,455.88 baht per baht weight, sell out at 30,600 baht per baht weight.

On January 26, 2023, the Gold Traders Association reported that

Thai gold prices today,

the 1st time, at 9:25 a.m., the price of gold rose 150, resulting in "gold bars" buying 30,000 baht per baht, selling out 30,100 baht per baht "gold jewelry" buying 29,455.88 baht per baht selling out 30,600 baht baht

As for the

gold price today, 2 salung and 50 satang

, 2 salung gold bars buy for 15,000 baht, sell for 15,050 baht, gold ornaments 2 salung buy for 14,727.94 baht, sell for 15,300 baht.

Today's gold price 1 Salung, 1 Salung

gold bar, buy 7,500 baht, sell out 7,525 baht, gold ornaments 1 Salung buy 7,363.97 baht, sell out 7,650 baht.

Today's gold price 1/2 Salung, 1/2 Salung

gold bar, buy 3,750 baht, sell out 3,762.5 baht, gold ornaments 1/2 Salung buy 3,681.98 baht, sell out 3,825 baht.

However, the above price does not include the gratuity.

Prices are subject to change.

Please ask the staff of the gold shop again.