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A 54-year-old man, who was wanted in the Schengen Information System, was detained by employees of the ODVMR - Pleven.

On January 25, 2023, a man from Pleven, declared internationally wanted, was found in a residence on "Ivan Vazov" street in the regional city.

Upon inquiry, it turned out that he was registered in SIS II, Schengen identifier number of the initiator bureau, containing a request for arrest for the purpose of extradition, for the conduct of criminal proceedings for skimming and forgery of bank cards, as for the crime committed by him under the Criminal the German Code provides for a penalty of up to 5 /five/ years of imprisonment.

The European arrest warrant was issued by a court in the city of Munich.

In Razgrad, they detained a woman who was declared an international wanted person

The 54-year-old was detained on the basis of Art.

72, para.

1, item 6 of the Law on the Ministry of the Interior for a period of up to 24 hours.

A form for an established person under Art. 26 SIS II was filled in on time, which was sent to DMOS - Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In this case, the OP - Pleven has been notified to take further legal actions regarding the handover/extradition of the person to the German authorities.

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