McCaul (right), the new chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, held talks with my representative to the U.S. Michelle Hsiao (left) on the 25th to discuss how to further promote U.S.-Taiwan relations.

(Taken from the Twitter of the Caucus of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives)

The agenda is locked in anti-China and helping Taiwan in self-defense

Chairman intends to come to Taiwan to hold a hearing

[International News Center/Comprehensive Report] The U.S. House of Representatives Republican and Democratic parties unanimously support the establishment of the "U.S.-China Strategic Competition Special Committee", which has finalized the agenda for this session and plans to investigate military support for Taiwan. The controversy over the international version of the group program "Douyin" TikTok, as well as China's acquisition of land near US military bases, etc., will provide more "supportive firepower" to Taiwan's arms purchase issue, and increase the importance of assisting Taiwan's self-defense issues. Chairman of the Committee and Republican Congressman Gai Lage (Mike Gallagher) also intends to hold related hearings in Taiwan.

The US "Roll Call" biweekly (Roll Call) reported on the 24th that Gallagher said, "How do we prevent Ukraine's today from becoming Taiwan's tomorrow? I think this will be the theme of this committee's work." Member of the committee, Republican Rep. Rob Wittman, a party member, further pointed out on the 25th that the Taiwan issue is undoubtedly one of the focuses of the committee. "In fact, the chairman of the committee, Gallagher, wants us to hold hearings in Taiwan. I think we will. Do."

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Will learn about the delays in the $18 billion arms sale

Gallagher reportedly wanted to know more about the delays in the $18 billion arms sale.

Although this batch of arms procurement has been approved by the US Congress, it has not yet been delivered to Taiwan.

In a joint article on the committee last month, Gallagher and House Speaker Kevin McMarthy, who pushed for the committee's creation, pledged to "make it an urgent issue to help Taiwan defend itself."

At the same time, the Republican group of the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee tweeted that the new chairman of the committee, Michael McCaul, had a meeting with my representative to the United States, Michelle Hsiao, to discuss how we can be in the 118th Congress We will strengthen our vital partnership during the session."

Xiao Meiqin also responded later, "I spent a busy day on Capitol Hill, met with our good friends in Congress, and discussed how to carry out cooperation that is important to our partnership in many areas in the coming year." Neither party disclosed the details of the meeting.