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A new song performed by a famous Russian comedian, which ridicules Moscow's war in Ukraine and its supporters, was given to a prosecutor by a patriotic organization, BTA reports.

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The patriotic organization believes that the song tarnishes the prestige of the army, which is already a criminal act in Russia.

The work written by Semyon Slepakov, entitled "Lullaby", darkly ironically likens Russia to a mother who glorifies the idea of ​​death on the battlefield in Ukraine and who believes that it is the duty of her sons to sacrifice their lives for her own greatness.

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A patriotic organization called the Foundation for the Protection of National Historical Heritage told the state-run TASS news agency today that it had given the song to prosecutors to be examined for whether it violated a law that carries up to five years in prison for defaming the armed forces.

The State Prosecutor's Office and the Ministry of Justice of Russia have not yet responded to the complaint.

Lawmakers and TV anchors from state television have also called on authorities to take action against Slepakov, who has been working from Israel since the start of what Russia calls a "special military operation" in Ukraine on February 24 last year.

In the song, one of the verses of which is "there is nothing better than death in battle", the mother, who represents Russia, tells her three-year-old son that she is sorry he is too young to fight.

She calls her middle son a traitor because he is an IT worker in Europe and praises her eldest son who died in Ukraine.

There are no prayers to wash him away,/ He's a prisoner of the satrap in Europe./ He probably spends his nights there with sodomites./ He doesn't believe in God, he believes in Satan," the lyrics continue.

"And your older brother went to war on contract./He didn't sell his country for lattes and cheesecake./ He stood up for his friends and for justice./ And what they say about him is fake," Slepakov sings , who is known in Russia for his musical satire and often appeared on television.

The Patriotic Foundation claims that the lyrics of his song mock the sincere feelings of Russians who are willing to sacrifice for their country.

Slepakov has more than 1.4 followers on YouTube, where the video of his performance of the song has more than 700,000 views since it was posted on Tuesday.

Some listeners wrote offensive comments under the video, while others thanked Slepakov for what they said was his clever anti-war song.

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