The Wanhua police station revealed the truth about the policewoman's "selling lottery tickets".

(Photographed by reporter Wu Zhengfeng)

[Reporter Wu Zhengfeng/Taipei Report] A public welfare lottery shop in Taipei was surprised to see a policewoman visiting the shop at the counter. The Wanhua police station in Taipei City revealed the truth on the 26th. , You have to go to the police station to check the contents before you can leave, and then a female police officer is appointed to the store to act as a "five-minute clerk".

The owner surnamed Xu felt warm after learning about it, and thanked the police for their help.

A few days ago, a customer discovered that a public welfare lottery shop near Dongyuan Street in Beishi had a policewoman visiting the shop. The Dongyuan Street Police Station of the Wanhua Police Sub-bureau revealed the truth on the 26th. He tried his luck on the lottery ticket, but when he left, he forgot to take the wallet and left it on the table.

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After the clerk found out, he quickly notified the police station, but because it was the Chinese New Year period, there was an endless stream of customers buying lottery tickets. However, according to the regulations, those who found the lottery had to check the relevant belongings in the wallet at the police station on the spot before leaving, which made them in a dilemma.

Upon seeing this, the policewoman at the office decided to go to the public welfare lottery shop to maintain order and act as a "five-minute clerk". The police followed the line and informed the owner surnamed Xu to go to the police station to collect the lost wallet.

The owner, surnamed Xu, thanked the shop assistant for his willingness to collect the money, and praised the police for their hard work.

Chen Youlin, director of the Dongyuan Police Station, reminded the public to take good care of their valuables when they go out. If they really lose something, they can not only call 110 to report to the police, but also go to the "Find and Lost and Found Management System" of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior for inquiries.

The enthusiastic clerk picked up the wallet and went to the police station to report the case.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Zhengfeng)