Hou Youyi pointed out in an interview yesterday that she hopes that the new pavilion will be in place soon, and that the central and local governments will work together.

(Photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang)

[Reporters Xie Junlin, Weng Yuhuang, Xu Zhuoxun/comprehensive report] The Presidential Palace will hold a press conference today to announce that former Vice President Chen Jianren will take over as the Chief Executive, and former Taoyuan City Mayor Zheng Wencan will be the Deputy Cabinet Secretary. At the same time, President Tsai will also adjust the national security team.

New Taipei Mayor Hou Youyi pointed out in an interview yesterday that he respects how the cabinet is adjusted. The most important thing is that he hopes that the cabinet candidates will be adjusted and stabilized as soon as possible.

Legislators hope that the national security team can seamlessly connect and face challenges.

Hou Pan's new pavilion will be in place as soon as possible, the central and local governments will work together

Hou Youyi pointed out in an interview yesterday that whether it is Dean Su Zhenchang or Secretary-General Lin Jialong, he will give blessings to each of them in different positions. He believes that they must be able to do their jobs well and work hand in hand with the local government. Blessings and congratulations, and more importantly, everyone has played their roles well. In the future, the new cabinet will fight side by side with the heads of local counties and cities.

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Taoyuan Mayor Zhang Shanzheng said in an interview yesterday that Zheng Wencan took over as Deputy Cabinet Kui, he gave the new cabinet his best wishes, and hoped that after Zheng took office, he would continue to care about Taoyuan and seek the well-being of Taoyuan citizens.

Legislator Jiang Qichen of the Kuomintang said that the reshuffle of the cabinet feels like a bad show, and it also proves that after the defeat of the DPP, various factions are still wrestling. It remains to be seen whether President Tsai can deny it.

Jiang believes that the current positioning of the new cabinet as "warm and tough" does not represent the direction of future governance, but is positioned to match Chen Jianren's personality. The most important thing is to put the people's interests first, which is what everyone expects to change cabinet.

Qiu Chenyuan, a legislator of the People's Party, pointed out that Lin Youchang advertised the experience of mayor of Keelung, but his experience is different from the diversified business of the Ministry of the Interior, and it is still unclear whether he can be competent.

He suggested that reforms should be strong, remember the original intention, assist the whole people in national defense, and improve civil defense.

In response to the change of the national security team, DPP legislator Wang Dingyu hopes to make a good connection.

The focus of the connection is to face information security threats and related cyber attacks, especially the rampant false information; the other is the connection between Taiwan and the international mainstream society, so that the country's democracy and economic construction can be built under a safer and larger international cooperation space .

Regarding the layout of the members of the new cabinet team, DPP legislator Lin Chuyin believes that borrowing from or borrowing from local heads with local administrative experience will allow the entire administrative team to be more down-to-earth and to better meet and respond to the needs of the people.

Legislator Chen Tingfei of the Democratic Progressive Party said that according to Lin Youchang's experience as mayor of Keelung for eight years, Keelung has made great changes. I believe he is definitely qualified for the post of Minister of the Interior, and it will definitely give everyone a refreshing feeling.

DPP Legislator Xu Zhijie believes that President Tsai Ing-wen, party chairman Lai Ching-teh, and Xin Ge Kui Chen Jianren will work together in the future, put the people first, and take care of the disadvantaged groups. I believe they will regain the trust of the people.