National Security Director Chen Mingtong has resigned from the President, expressing his wish to take a deep rest. The President agreed to be replaced by Cai Mingyan (pictured), the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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Li Dawei returned to the chairman of the SEF

[Reporter Zou Jingwen/Taipei Report] President Tsai and Zhunge Kui Chen Jianren conducted consultations separately yesterday to further determine various personnel arrangements.

The new Secretary-General of the Presidential Palace is determined to be replaced by former Minister of Transportation Lin Jialong, and the current Secretary-General of the Presidential Palace David Li will return to serve as the chairman of the SEF.

Director of National Security Chen Mingtong has resigned to the President, expressing his wish to take a deep rest. The President agreed to be replaced by Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Cai Mingyan.

In the cabinet, Chen Jianren confirmed the list of three female cabinet members yesterday. Legislator Guan Biling will serve as the chairperson of the Ocean Committee. Economic Minister Wang Meihua and Labor Minister Xu Mingchun will retain their posts respectively.

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Presidential Office Spokesperson Zhang Dunhan stated that the President hopes that after David Lee returns to the SEF, he can gradually promote healthy and orderly exchanges between people on both sides of the Taiwan Strait after the epidemic.

The president also hopes to rely on Cai Mingyan's expertise in regional security, foreign affairs, international strategy, and security decision-making to assist the national security team in interpreting and making precise decisions on cross-strait and regional situations, and continue to promote the professionalization of the intelligence system and continue to strengthen the era of democratization Governance and innovation of lower intelligence agencies.

Guan Biling will become the first female head of the Sea Committee since its establishment.

It is understood that Guan Biling has been concerned about marine affairs for a long time in the Internal Affairs Committee. For example, the increase in punishment for sand pumping ships in China was driven by her. She also spared no effort in addressing the working environment and treatment of colleagues in the Marine Committee. Chen Jianren was deeply impressed by the relevant performance.

This personnel arrangement is in line with Chen Jianren's goal of increasing female cabinet members.

Chief Economics Wang Meihua and Labor Chief Xu Mingchun stayed on

The other two remaining women, Wang Meihua and Xu Mingchun, are both responsible for major policies that need to be completed in the next year. They also know the policy line of the ruling party in detail, including green energy and improvement of labor conditions.

Chen Chien-jen will attend the press conference held by President Tsai today. He hopes that the progress of cabinet members' interviews can be completed by this Saturday.