The IAEA announced the strong explosions that rang out near the Zaporizhia NPP on January 25 and 26.

Foreign experts indicate that they are connected with the activities of the Russian occupiers in the territory near the nuclear plant. 

This is stated in the IAEA report. 

"Experts of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who are present at the Zaporizhia Nuclear Power Plant (ZAEP), report that

powerful explosions occurred outside the facility, which indicates military activity near the site

located on the front line," said the general director Rafael Grossi.

IAEA experts point out that the Russians are conducting military operations near the NPP site, which is why the windows on the station's territory are vibrating.

Rafael Grossi also reported that the IAEA is present at all nuclear power plants controlled by Ukraine.

He confirmed that the

experts did not see any weapons there

, as the authorities of the aggressor state had previously stated. 

Adviser to the head of Rosatom, Renat Karchaa, in a comment to Russian propagandists, denied the explosions near the nuclear power plant.

He cynically stated that he said

"you can't trust your own hearing"

and took offense at the fact that the IAEA allegedly "wants to show the fact that

Russia cannot ensure and guarantee nuclear safety." 

Occupation of Zaporizhzhya NPP 

At the very beginning of the full-scale invasion of the territory of Ukraine, Russian terrorists seized the largest nuclear power plant in Europe - Zaporizhzhya NPP.

The occupiers periodically stage terrorist acts near the station, threatening Ukraine and the world with a nuclear disaster. 

According to the IAEA, as of today

and ZNPP's six reactors remain shut down, with two continuing to operate in hot shutdown mode to provide steam and heat for the power plant and the nearby town of Energodar.

The agency assesses the operation of the NPP as unstable. 

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