Guan Biling, a senior legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, will take over as the chairman of the Oceanic Commission, becoming the first female chairperson of the committee.

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It will also be the first time that a woman will serve as a vice chairman

[Reporters Xie Junlin, Hong Dinghong/Comprehensive Report] Guan Biling, a senior legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party nicknamed "Guan Ma", will take over as the chairman of the Oceanic Commission and become the first female chairperson of the committee.

After the news of the personnel change was exposed yesterday, Guan did not deny it, but only said that the Executive Yuan would announce it, and also emphasized that the Sea Committee is the national security team, and if it is really consulted at that time, it will go all out.

Its non-regional legislator is missing and is expected to be replaced by Chen Peiyu, a child education promotion teacher.

The vacancy of the legislator was replaced by Chen Peiyu, a child education promotion teacher

People familiar with the situation emphasized that the Maritime Commission has established three vice-chairmen, one of whom is also the director of the Coast Guard, and is usually replaced by a retired navy general. All men, this time there will be women as vice chairmen.

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66-year-old Guan Biling holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from National Taiwan University and a Master of Laws from the Department of Public Administration of Chung Hsing University School of Law and Business (now National Taipei University). Director of the Center, associate professor of the Department of Public Affairs and Policy at Taipei University, member of the 6th to 10th legislators, and has served as a member of the Educational Culture, Transportation, Economics, and Internal Affairs Committees of the Legislative Yuan, with rich academic experience.

Four years ago, he declined to be the chairman of the Sea Committee

Guan Biling was born in Taichung, got married in Taipei, but started her political career in Kaohsiung.

Guan Biling's husband, Xu Yangming, was a National Congress representative, deputy secretary-general of the Democratic Progressive Party, and deputy mayor of Tainan City. Because of Xu's increasing involvement in politics, Guan became the DPP's first female Kaohsiung regional legislator in 2004.

In January 2019, when Su Tseng-chang was appointed as the Chief Executive, she consulted Guan Biling to take over as the chairman of the Sea Council, but at that time she was still a regional legislator in Kaohsiung City. There will be no legislators for a year, "the DPP cannot treat a constituency like this", so it declined.

During his term of office, he specially amended the law and severely punished Chinese sand pirates

After being transferred to a non-district legislator, Guan Biling served as a member of the Internal Affairs Committee and attached great importance to the role of the IOC. In particular, the law was amended to severely punish Chinese sand pirates, reducing the burden on the Coast Guard. It also amended the National Security Law to incorporate the IOC into the military Control area management, strengthening the cooperative relationship between the Ministry of National Defense and the Maritime Commission, assisting the National Institute of Oceanography to implement the dual-track system of academics and civil servants, strengthening professional capabilities, and gradually solving the long-standing problem of "unequal pay for equal work" in the Coast Guard.

The Marine Commission was formerly known as the Coast Guard Administration of the Executive Yuan. It was established in Kaohsiung on April 28, 2018. It has jurisdiction over the National Oceanographic Research Institute, the Coast Guard Administration, and the Marine Conservation Administration. The first chairman is Huang Huanghui, an ocean engineering expert. The second chairman is former Vice Admiral Li Zhongwei. After Li Zhongwei resigned last year, he has been replaced by Zhou Meiwu, the deputy chairman and Director of Coast Guard.