The European Union is proposing new sanctions against Belarus over its support for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In particular, they will apply to restrictions in the technological and energy sectors of the country.

This was reported by the Bloomberg news agency. 

The proposed EU sanctions will include 

  • A ban on the export of goods and technologies that are used for military purposes and can increase the country's industrial potential;

  • Restrictions on the purchase of oil, coal, metal products and gold;

  • Trade restrictions on luxury goods, investments and services;

  • Measures that will limit the country's activity in the aviation and energy sectors and beyond. 

The EU plans to allow the prosecution of those who help circumvent sanctions imposed on Belarusian individuals and legal entities.

The approval of the proposed measures requires the support of all member states of the Union. 

We recently reported that the US may ease sanctions against the Russian Federation.

However, this will happen on the condition that Putin withdraws his troops from Ukraine. also reported that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, imposed NSDC sanctions against Vadym Novinskyi, Metropolitan Pavel and a number of representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church.

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