The Lachin road is open, more than a thousand vehicles have crossed the road in the last two months.

Among them were Russian peacekeepers, the International Committee of the Red Cross and cars belonging to civilian Armenians.

APA's London correspondent reports that Kemal Jafarov, a member of Azerbaijan's delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), said this during the discussion of the situation on the Lachin road.

The MP drew attention to the fact that Armenia does not fulfill its obligations and promises regarding the Zangezur Corridor.

In his speech, Kamal Jafarov mentioned that Ruben Vardanyan came from Moscow to the Karabakh region of Azerbaijan and added that this is a political plan: "His first goal is to attack the peace process between the two countries and damage the established relations with local Armenians. His second mission is to replace Pashinyan and become the Prime Minister. It is one of the other reasons for the current information manipulation".

In his speech, he reminded the members of the Assembly that hundreds of people lost their lives and were injured as a result of the explosion of mines planted by Armenia.