Every day, trucks pass through Lachin corridor in both directions.

APA's London correspondent reports that Nigar Arpadarai, a member of the Azerbaijani delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), spoke during the discussion of the situation on the Lachin road.

He informed the European parliamentarians about the Lachin road and said that there is no humanitarian disaster in Karabakh and there is no risk of it happening in the future: "Because the road is open. Every day, trucks pass through the corridor in both directions. Azerbaijan delivers food, medicine and pharmaceutical goods and provides all opportunities for civilians. The media drama about the fake blockade is being staged by the new separatist leader, a money launderer from Russia, who has nothing to do with Karabakh, and is subject to sanctions. His name is Ruben Vardanyan. The reason behind him is his illegal smuggling. to continue their dark business and brutally exploit and plunder natural resources for their personal interests".

The deputy noted that the sooner Karabakh integrates into the legal space of Azerbaijan, the better for all parties.

This integration will contribute to stability and peace in the region and will limit the possibility of foreign forces interfering in the affairs of both Azerbaijan and Armenia.

He called on the Armenian side to think about the peace agreement with Azerbaijan.