Thai sports...enter the ICU

2-3 days ago, news about the management of

"National Sports Promotion Agency" erupted continuously. 

And this is another voice from sports people.

That reflects the confirmation of the current problem .. clearly  

Many sports associations are facing the same problem.

and is in a very difficult situation 

because of the role of

"National Sports Promotion Agency" instead of helping as an important force

make the Thai sports industry stronger

by purpose and organization name 

But now it has become a problem that undermines the development of Thai sports itself. 

If anyone goes to inquire, they will get similar answers, such as from various sports associations, according to the news 

, the executives set more rules.

And it seems to be a redundant task with the duties of the Sports Authority of Thailand. 

Remember when there was news like this before?

Adults used to have to be very upset.

already warned 

The subject matter is

Normally, every sports association must submit a plan according to the procedure.

Requirements for the Sports Authority of Thailand to consider 

There is a working group responsible for

There is a screening committee.

through a multi-step system

Until considering the approval of the plan 

  , but now the said organization says that the plan has been properly processed by all from the Sports Authority of Thailand. 

It can be approved or not approved.

It depends on the consideration of the organization. 

Working principles must be in accordance with the organization's guidelines.  

thus making everything seem to have to start over 

backlog work, as the sports associations

I didn't understand where it came from. 

make sports development plans

especially the funding factor that must support Thai sports team athletes 

Totally stuck!! 

amid the suspicion that

roles and responsibilities of national sports administration

Who does it belong to? 

  It's redundant work.

And is it impairing the work process, all staff members of the Sports Authority of Thailand? 

Or the work system that the Thai people are shook their heads at is happening in the national sports industry. 

Therefore, it is one voice that wants the supervising adults to speed up solving this problem.  

 Many sports associations are reaching the "ICU" stage. 

Some sports associations have to spend their own money on their working committees.

come to do a project to collect athletes of the Thai national team 

Some associations have to borrow debt.

Come as prize money or use to organize competitions.

in order to develop the Thai sports industry according to the plan

until the flax is broken 

Thai people may have seen many sports announcing the termination, cancellation of organizing sports soon, which is a sad thing. 

It never happened before.

and should find the person responsible for this matter 

  The results that will follow should not be surprising.

If you see the results of Thai athletes

used to be in good criteria 

have less and less performance, respectively 


The problem comes from "internal problems" 


I understand the feelings of sports people. 

I want to encourage you to be patient a little more. 

know that "Big Tu", General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and related adults

know about 

Everyone wants to see the truth.

transparent work 

for the progress of the Thai sports industry

Not backwards down the canal!!! 

- Be Bangpakong -