Shaking up the image of Thai tourism

After the Taiwanese actress

traveled to celebrate the new year in Thailand

but came across a man claiming to be a policeman

Extorting money on the way back to the hotel

Claiming that the VOA visa of the actress is invalid.

Initially, local police officers

find out the facts

to prove that

Is the man really a policeman?

while the tour operator

demands to find the culprit

build confidence for tourists

The case of a Taiwanese actress

The incident occurred in the middle of the night during the past year.

while she was on her way back to the hotel

in the Bangkok area

But found a checkpoint

A man claiming to be a policeman asked to see a visa. She submitted a VOA visa, which was a visa requested at the airport upon arriving in Thailand, as Taiwan was one of the countries that could apply for it.

But the man who claimed to be a policeman

try to deflect

And asked for 27,000 baht for release

The young actress saw a bad posture and agreed to pay, she said that there were Korean tourists on that day.

were called in the same manner.

Later, the young actress traveled back to Taiwan.

Interview with a local news agency

In this case, many

by warning Taiwanese who visit Thailand to be careful

when this story was published in Thailand

Police officers have investigated.

We are in the process of finding out the facts.

Introductory “The news team drills the issue.

Thai Rath Online "inquired to a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this case, it was confirmed that the VOA visa for Taiwan tourists

Have a deadline to stay in Thailand

considered as a valid entry into the country

But the point of a young Taiwanese actress

Now it must be clear again.

At the same time, "News Team" asked Dr. Adit Chairattananon, Secretary-General of the Thai Association of Tourism Business (ATTA), said that the VOA visa case is what tourists around the world use.

For Thailand, Taiwan, China and India have the right to travel. In this case, when news is published in Taiwan.

affecting the confidence of tourists

especially in safety

because it is claimed to be a policeman

Therefore, it must be checked whether the said man is a real officer or not.

If it is a real police officer, severe punishment is required.

If it's proven, it's not the police.

The culprit must be found and punished.

At the same time, there should be inquiries to Taiwan stars.

to find clues to the facts

that will help create fairness for all parties

“Normal VOA tourist visas have the documents ready at the time of entry, there will be no problem.

Never had a problem in the past

So it's impossible.

If a real police officer sees such a visa, he will use his power to arrest him.

Because of the fact that tourists can pass through immigration

It is clear that immigration law is being followed.”

VOA visas are another factor boosting tourism.

Because past research confirms that

If there is a visa that facilitates tourists

will help bring in more money from foreign tourists

Therefore, this case needs to be investigated clearly.

because it affects the image of tourism

And it may cause tourists from other countries to be hesitant in applying for a VOA visa.

Currently, the association has discussed with entrepreneur members.

to guidelines for facilitating tourists

In the event of encountering a disaster like the aforementioned case

By preparing to present in the design of the bad news program

within one button

Easy to facilitate

When pressed to notify, there is an officer

Can communicate with tourists to understand

And build confidence in tourists from Taiwan and China, which Thailand is now trying to draw back to travel in the country.

Restoring the image for Taiwanese tourists to return to Thailand

Government agencies should build trust.

After this around March

More flights from Taiwan will fly in.

And tourists start booking flights during the month that are cheaper than now.

Therefore, restoring confidence after this should be done as soon as possible.

"Suparek Soorangkun" President of Young Tour Co., Ltd. said that the case affected the image of Thailand for Taiwanese and Chinese tourists.

Therefore, the Thai agency

Must speed up the investigation whether such an event is true or not, but usually VOA visa Taiwan tourists can request to enter.

who can stay in the country for 15 days

Even now, there is no report affecting the confidence of Taiwan and Chinese tourists.

But with the news of the young actress

has a wide spread

It may affect the image of the safety of tourists in the long run.