Politics in the bee nest situation

There are many people who need encouragement.

Some people have to pray "Mr. Phra Chuay"

One of the sisters used to pray for Luang Pu Boon.

Wat Klang Bang Kaew

startle back

When the Prime Minister adjusts the cabinet, he just quits his job.

and got a miraculous return job

This time I encountered a problem.

must use high mercy to pay respect to the benefactor's donkey

Come out and ask for Luang Pho Kaew.

Wat Kruawan

I'm so unwise I can't find it

Momae asked to speak in the rose language.

Heard the news that he survived, the father who used to scold, turned into a good-tempered father

Introducing new paths, both offering precepts and blessings

The word

"rose language"

has slipped out of my mouth . I try to think of where this cool word came from.

Open the book, decipher the puzzle symbols.

(nonfiction publisher

2nd edition, 2019) to the 16th story, speaking in the rose language

Queen Victoria's era, so it can be remembered as Queen Victoria's language.

the queen of england

Dr. Bancha Thanaboonsombat

said that rose in Thai comes from the Persian language, from the word Gul, which means rose, plus the word Aap, which means water, together with two words that mean rose water.

Let's say you were born in England around 1819-1901.

during the reign of Queen Victoria

found that the British society at that time

People speak to each other in the language of flowers.

Because each type of flower

instead of various feelings in its entirety

only one type of rose

can show meanings that reflect a variety of emotions

Let's pretend again, this time you're a lady.

Then a young man gave him a red rose, indicating that he intended to say, "I love you."

Now, if you're wrapped up too.

But wanting to answer in a slightly reserved manner, he will respond with a yellow rose.

to say

“Are you sure?”

if you are not ready

will give you a white rose bud

This is a sign that

“I'm too young for love.”

In case you didn't care about that young man at all.

I don't have to waste my strength to find roses to mess around with.

Just pick a rose leaf and give it to one.

It's like confirming the cut of friendship that

"Your face, I don't care."

This was the attitude of a heartbroken young man.

that before retracting the scene

He went to find fragrant roses and handed over to them.

On the young lady's side, you need to understand.

This is a sarcastic, sarcastic meaning.

“A beauty like yours is ephemeral.” Actually, it's a sour grape-like attitude, isn't that right?

The rose language is not over yet.

More to come...

If it's the case of a young man with a strong love mind

He chose to send red roses.

come to reiterate as the second flower

This is the language that says "This is true love, not just a "kik"."

This time it's the girl's turn.

will be gentle and accommodating

How ready to give goodwill...

The following rose language, Dr. Bancha Thanaboonsombat, did not mention it.

Let us guess.

How are you?

The Rose Language of Queen Victoria

that will continue to be used more or less, I don't know, because I only know

our politicians

If you want to use the language of roses

will be more or less available

because they are not familiar with each other before


If we talk to each other in banana language... Thai politicians will understand each other immediately.

How many children, how many children

I have never heard

I've heard them talk about combs, but the price is 1 million or 10 million per comb, although today they are still trading with a bang.

I'm still not sure

No one has ever admitted that they actually traded with their ears.

Kilen competes