On Thursday, January 26, the Minister of Defense of Spain, Margarita Robles, during a meeting of the six countries that use the Leopard 2, announced the readiness to deliver German-made tanks to Ukraine, but some of them require conversion.

This was reported by the Spanish TV channel RTVE.

The meeting, which was convened by Germany's new defense minister, discussed aspects of training, maintenance, spare parts and logistics for the transport.

Margarita Robles said that Spain can supply the Leopard 2 A4s that are in Zaragoza, "but some of them cannot be used, we are going to analyze which ones can be converted".

According to Reuters, according to security and defense expert Felix Arteaga of the Elcano think tank, Spain has 108 2A4 tanks - the older, standard model for many European countries.

About half of these Spanish tanks are in the North African enclaves of Ceuta and Melilla, and 53 are preserved at the military base in Zaragoza.

Some of the tanks are in worse condition than others, they were used for spare parts.

Spain has already assessed the need for major repairs.

Germany and Ukraine agreed on the cost, which will be paid from a special fund, and estimated that work could begin within two months.

It will be recalled that the Spanish army has the most Leopard tanks in its arsenal.

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