Republic Day 2023: Food is an important part of Indian culture.

Happy Republic Day 2023: Every year Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp across the country.

On the occasion of Republic Day, everyone is seen immersed in the color of patriotism.

26 January is a very important day for Indians.

Republic Day is celebrated as a national festival.

Food plays an important role in every small and big celebration in India.

Food is an important part of Indian culture.

And when it comes to patriotism, how can Indians step back.

People also have holidays on the day of Republic Day.

In such a situation, if you want to celebrate this day by making some delicious dish for children and family at home, then we have a special recipe for you.

Which you can try on Republic Day.

Importance of Republic Day- Republic Day Importance:

On 26 January 1950, the constitution was implemented in the entire country.

The constitution of our country was prepared after continuous struggle and social and legal churning for three years.

It took a total of 2 years, 11 months and 18 days to make the constitution.

Let us tell you that on 26 January, tableaux of every state are taken out on the Rajpath.

And the country celebrates this day like this. 

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Make this tricolor idli recipe on Republic Day- Republic Day 2023 Special Trycolor Recipe:

Idli is a South Indian dish.

Idli is most liked in breakfast.

Because it is one of the light and healthy breakfast.

If you want to prepare something patriotic and healthy for your family members on January 26, then you can make Tricolor Idli.

It can be made easily.

So let's go to the recipe without any further delay. 

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Urad Dal

Idli Rava

Cooking Soda

Salt (as per taste)

Carrot Puree

Spinach Puree



To make tricolor idli, wash and soak urad dal and idli rava separately.

Urad dal has to be soaked for 5 to 6 hours or overnight.

Add water and start grinding the urad dal with some salt in a grinder or blender to prepare the batter.

Add more water if needed and make a thick, frothy and smooth batter.

Take out the extra water from rava and add urad dal batter.

Mix well and keep aside in a warm place to ferment for a few hours.

Cut carrot and spinach separately and put it in a blender for fine puree for color.

When the batter is ready, take it in 3 different bowls.

Add carrot puree and spinach puree separately in 2 parts of the batter.

Shake well to get the colour.

Keep 3rd part of the batter as it is.

Put a muslin cloth in the idli mould, sprinkle some water and keep aside.

Preheat the idli steamer.

With the help of a spoon, first add orange colored idli batter in the idli mould, then add plain idli batter and third green idli batter.

Take one okra and place it on the center of the white layer of idli batter.

Place the tricolor idlis in a preheated steamer for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Serve idli hot with sambar and chutney.

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