There is news from many newspapers and online news agencies that this coming Monday, January 30, Prime Minister "Big Tu" General Prayut Chan-o-cha will go to the official inspection area in Nakhon Sawan and Phichit provinces from 9 a.m. onwards. ever

Even if some of the tasks that you are going to check are likely to be the same as what

"Big Pom"


traveled to inspect last week, such as the water management project called

"Si Khwae Model"

etc... but there are many other jobs and projects that are unique.

Especially in the inspection area, there are a few repetitions.

Other than that, it's a different district and also across the province to Phichit as well.

Important projects that Big Pom doesn't see...but Big Tu will visit to see is the

"Organic Farming"

project in Ban Makluea sub-district.

Mueang Nakhon Sawan District, which has news that Big Tu will drive the car into a safe rice paddy field or "rice to save the world" with the farmers there closely

Probably will get the news area from the beautiful picture.

While driving the plow through the paddy fields

then will visit

Banphot Phisai Hospital in Banphot Phisai District visited the exhibition of the hospital

and listened to a briefing on agricultural water management at Bueng Bon along with

In the afternoon, continue to Phichit Province, visit Bueng Narang Hospital, Bueng Narang District, to Bang Mun Nak Hospital.

And will spend time at Bang Mun Nak until the evening, then slowly take off the helicopter, come back down to Wing 4, Takhli District to take a plane back to Bangkok at 6:00 p.m.

Read the list of districts or sub-districts where various projects or hospitals are located.

I saw the picture clearly.

As a local and one time wandering around these areas

Until I remember it in a persistent way with my brain all along.

Especially Banphot Phisai Hospital

at Amphoe Banphot Phisai

my hometown

I've seen it since it was a wooden building in the form of a

"suuk sala"

in the middle of a rice field that used to be a swamp and then gradually developed into a 90-bed hospital with a common building, a ward, and a large enough room for patients today.

Big Tu's visit to Banphot Phisai District made me think of an ancient Thai proverb that "Chang Yeap Na Phraya Yeap Mueang".

In the past, when I was a child, traveling to this district was quite difficult.

must rely on a boat ride running against the Ping River, but only one place

sat together for almost half a day to arrive

The biggest civil servant who visited this district when I was a student and the teacher recruited me as far as I can remember was the Provincial Education Commissioner only. Even the governor or the provincial deputy had never been there.

The first Prime Minister who visited as far as I remember was

"Pa Prem", General Prem Tinsulanonda

... because the Thai Rath newspaper by the director Kampol Watcharapol went to build the Thai Rath Wittaya 59 School (Wat Sangkha). fine) at Ban Ta Sang Nuea

Banphot Phisai District When it came to the opening day, the director of Kamphol went to pay respect and invited his father to be the president.

Which the father kindly accepted immediately

I remember that Banphot Phisai people who heard the news all went to welcome many people at Ta Sang Nua Temple.

Then I'm not sure if there will be another Prime Minister to visit or not?

I guess there will be one.

Because in the recent years, going to this district is not difficult anymore.

said in terms of beliefs and Thai traditions that still adhere to proverbs

"Elephant treads the field

Phraya Yeap Mueang”

This visit to Banphot Phisai District should be quite satisfying and proud of the villagers around there.

But because this district seems to be a very popular Palang Pracharath Party member area.

And if I'm not mistaken, it seems that he was an MP last time.

So what are the political implications?

(Meaning that Nong Tu will be able to win votes from Elder Pom or not in this district) must continue to follow.

I myself am not involved in politics anyway.

I've been strictly neutral throughout the ages...I'm writing today to thank you for visiting my homeland.

As for the brothers and sisters in my birth district, who will I choose?

It depends on the discretion of the siblings...what about political analysis?

The people of my district have been themselves for a long time...let me tell you!.