Collaborate with "Madam Dear" Watanya Bunnag at the Democrat Party After resigning from MPs, moving to join the camp

Work with the Bangkok team that has "Sia Yong" Ong-ard Klampaiboon, deputy leader of the party in charge of the Bangkok region, by taking the chair of the Bangkok political innovation working group.

Then came up with the idea of ​​“Listen-Think-Do” activities as a center stage to listen to opinions and voices of people's reflections on various problems that they encountered.

both in the perspective of stakeholders

affected person

and those who disagree to cover all sectors

aggregate synthetic data

scrutinize party policies

“Madame Dear” told us that the campaign kicked off for the first time on November 22, 2013 and gradually continued on the topic.

or current issues in various districts in Bangkok, including party offices, a total of 17 times

Even though I just moved home for 4 months, but I ran and fought and fought together to build a new house to be strong.

to restore faith

PPP comeback at Bangkok Stadium!!!

Prasert Pakphumwuttikul