The mess in the sport that pops up right now

and is in the process of checking

find out the facts

The Sports Authority of Thailand by SAT Governor Dr. Kongsak Yodmanee will call the National Sports Development Fund Manager.

came to clarify the complaints as appeared to the public

Before concluding the whole story, presented to "Big Pom" Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan

by the applicant's complaint

As an affected victim

raised 11 topics, would not have to reproduce in detail

which would be checked in every issue

As for the results, how will the society, especially the sports people society, be able to accept it or not? However, it will be a matter in the future.

But at this time, it must be assumed that complaints and investigations have been conducted.

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which Governor Kong Sak

told the sports people that they were serious about this matter

I hope to keep my word!

Especially in this story, "Uncle Tu", Gen. Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister, who is a sports lover and has always supported him, knows and pays attention.

Even sending people to follow the story at SAT, as for "Uncle Pom", Gen. Prawit Wongsuwan, the chief executive of sports

The more you know the many origins

His surroundings were full, some were deep and deep.

closer to the election

should be more serious about solving the problem.

I wouldn't rub my face and cover my nose.

no matter what the outcome will be

This will be a case study. What study? Why study?

about this before coming here

How is the fact

I believe that many sports people will experience what they know.

with having to work together all the time

But just talking, relieving suffering, just telling stories to each other.

from various sports associations who experienced themselves

did not produce any effect

Well, if true, it's just a bad joke.

Only laughing and shaking each other's faces

But when there is an official "sing"

The mechanism of the drive to seek facts and lead to a solution will happen slowly, it will happen quickly, there will be kicking and stalling, pulling matters according to power.

Whatever the pressure, when someone knows, and the more you know

It's hard to cover up

And the more sports people pay attention, follow up and pay attention to this kind of matter.

Nothing can be obscured.

The important thing is that if something strange happens, you must not be still, not indifferent, not just take it as a joke.

But secretly grieved, surrendering, especially if there is a more serious case, such as asking for a percentage of 20-25 or how much, or if there is a request

get a bargain

Whether it's direct or indirect, for any reason, if you don't accept the offer, you won't be allocated, but if you agree, ask for 10, give 15, but take 10 as you wish.

If there is a story like this

The more sports people must not be indifferent, not patient.

Fixing is not daring to swallow each other.

But must dare to call, complain, complain, whether it's singing to the SAT or singing to the NACC, there are various and easy channels.

Neither do you need to sign the petitioner's name as well. There are issues to talk about their behavior.

or if there is supporting evidence

the best

or even personal behavior

When in a position to control your money, you can be punished.

Although the law does not require the property to be shown.

but suddenly rich

or parents suddenly become rich

Using brand names, not the same day, full of diamonds, driving a supercar

Although previously ordinary

In this case, there is a reason for requesting information.

We, sports people, declare ourselves to have spirit.

Don't let the wrong things happen.

when born, must be solved

Resolve with indifference, indifference, indifference, asking for the power of sports people to do the right thing.

for a better society

no matter what

Finally the truth must come out...

"Negative pawns"