Poland will receive the first American Abrams tanks already in the spring. 

These will be the first samples of the batch of 250 ordered tanks.

This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of National Defense of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak in an interview with "Polish Radio" on January 26.

"My mission as the Minister of National Defense is to strengthen the Polish army, I consistently do this. I want to announce the good news

- this spring we will receive the first Polish Abrams.

The first Abrams will be equipped with the Polish army," said the Polish minister.

Mariusz Blaszczak reminded that Poland receives Abrams after it handed over its older T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

Crews are already trained.

"Abrams" are excellent tanks.

The best tanks in the world in my opinion... This will be the first batch of 250 tanks ordered from the USA.

The task of these tanks will be

to create a barrier that will be insurmountable if the aggressor decides to attack Poland

," said the Deputy Prime Minister.

When asked which is better, Abrams or Leopard, Blaszczak answered that it is definitely the first.

"They have a more powerful engine, they are faster, they have more acceleration, and in general, both the Abrams and the Leopard are much better than the Russian tanks, because they can see more, they can see at a greater distance, so they have an advantage over the Russian tanks." , - explained the Polish Minister of Defense.

Note that the contract for the supply of Abrams tanks to Poland was approved by the head of the Ministry of National Defense at the beginning of January.

Delivery of all machines is expected to be completed next year.

In April 2022, a separate contract was signed for the supply of 250 Abrams tanks in the M1A2 SEPv3 version.

Poland transferred 240 modified T-72 tanks to Ukraine.

It will be recalled that on January 25, US President Joe Biden confirmed the information that the

United States will supply Ukraine with Abrams tanks.

Washington will send 31 cars to Kyiv.

In addition to the tanks, Kyiv will receive the equipment necessary for their maintenance. 

"We will train Ukrainian forces as soon as possible," Biden said.

Also, on January 25, the German government officially agreed to the transfer

of Leopard tanks


Permission for the same movement was also issued by Poland and other countries that have these machines.

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