Finally, the last attempt to amend the dictatorial successor constitution was completely failed!!

In spite of the proposal to amend the constitution, only 2 issues, 2 sections

Because the "Polling Senators

" and the "Government Party MPs"



, causing the House to collapse in order to prevent a motion to amend the constitution from being considered in the parliamentary session.

As a result, there were only 276 sparse attendees.

There are still 61 people missing to form a quorum.

Chairman Chuan Leekpai had to order the meeting to be closed midway through.

It was the 8th time that the council collapsed during the last curve before the dissolution of the council!!

"Mother Luk Chan" predicted in advance that

The motion to amend the constitution in the last arc of the opposition party

There is a 99.99 percent chance of being overturned!!

Because the proposed amendment to the constitution, while the remaining time of the council is less than 1 month, there is a risk that the council will collapse all the time.

2 important points that the opposition party proposes to amend the constitution is against the interests.

The senators are fully drawn up

The chance that more than 84 senators will vote for approval, or one-third of the total number of 250 senators, is very difficult or impossible.


The motion to amend the constitution was overturned anyway.

"Mother Luk Chan"

regrets that the proposals to amend the constitution of the opposition parties on both issues must be dumped under the House of Assembly.

Because both issues are the roots of dictatorship that have buried toxic shoots in the constitution that should be eliminated!!

The first issue proposed by the opposition party was Article 272 to switch off.

The senators dragged out to not participate in the vote for the appointment of the prime minister.

because senators are not drawn from the people

not representing the public

The release of ghosts for 250 senators to join the vote to appoint the prime minister

Montri is a serious distortion of democratic principles.

The second issue proposed by the opposition party was that Section 159 required the Prime Minister to come from MPs in the House of Representatives in order to comply with democratic principles in which power belongs to the people.

For this reason,

the person holding the position of Prime Minister should come from

MPs who are elected by the people and have the approval of

Most of the MPs in the House of Representatives

who is truly a representative of the people!!

The fact that the Prime Minister is not from MPs in the House of Representatives is a clear distortion of people's power and democratic principles.

In conclusion

, have to wait for the Senator to drag this set up to collect the scene home first

Then start working on amending the constitution to make it democratic.

patiently wait another year

You won't die of suffocation, Yom.

"Mother of the Moon"