Democratic Progressive Party legislator Lin Chuyin.

(Provided by Lin Chuyin Congressional Office)

[Reporter Hsieh Junlin/Taipei Report] This newspaper exclusively reported that former Vice President Chen Chien-jen will take over as the Premier of the Executive Yuan. The Deputy Cabinet will appoint Zheng Wencan, the former mayor of Taoyuan City, and the new Minister of the Interior will appoint Lin Youchang, the former Mayor of Keelung City.

Regarding the layout of the members of the new cabinet team, DPP legislator Lin Chuyin believes that it is to learn from or borrow from local heads with local administrative experience, so that the entire administrative team can be more down-to-earth, so as to better meet and respond to the needs of the people.

Lin Chuyin said that after Su Zhenchang decided to resign as the Premier, many female legislators of the Democratic Progressive Party called at the same time that the new cabinet must consider youth and increase female cabinet members. Now Lin Youchang is the Minister of the Interior. The young and strong faction of the Democratic Progressive Party entered the cabinet to make the cabinet younger. On the other hand, they also learned from their administrative experience in local governments, so that the entire administrative team can be more down-to-earth and meet the needs of the people.

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Lin Chuyin pointed out that, on the other hand, of course, many people will think whether such a layout is for the 2024 presidential election, "I think any political party, of course, hopes to win the election, but how can it respond to the needs and needs of the people and listen to public opinion? I am afraid that the more important thing about the layout of the cabinet this time is to learn from or borrow from the local chiefs with local administrative experience, so that the entire cabinet can better meet and respond to the needs of the people.”

Regarding Lin Youchang's succession as Minister of the Interior, Chen Tingfei, a legislator of the Democratic Progressive Party, said that according to Lin Youchang's experience as the mayor of Keelung for 8 years, Keelung has made great changes. It is also the common expectation of everyone to use his experience to improve the internal affairs of Taiwan as a whole.

In addition, Concubine Chen Tingfei also said that Lin Youchang is a sixth-grade student, representing the Democratic Progressive Party one after another, one generation after another, from the fifth grade to the sixth grade in the Mesozoic generation. I believe this succession is perfect, young, and generation-by-generation succession , Such a performance will definitely give everyone a refreshing feeling; I believe this is also the premise that the DPP has a lot of talents, so that everyone has room to play.

Legislator Xu Zhijie of the Democratic Progressive Party believes that after the new cabinet is launched, the government, the court and the party must re-operate, and the new system will have a new look. Discuss and form a consensus to guide policies, divide labor and cooperate, and will put the people first, and take care of vulnerable groups. I believe that in the future, the people's trust will be regained and the opportunity for "reversal and victory" will be strived for.