Feast is pronounced 'feast'. This word means festival 'ceremony' 'festival'.

'Feasting' in many places

People think that bringing people to eat together will make friends.

But it's not always true. Feasting makes no friendship.

Feast, if as a verb, is

'Eat a feast' which is not an ordinary meal.

Use a little fancy word.

'Eat deliciously' One cannot feast everyday.

Delicious meals every day. Go to Oman. The company owner feasted us like a king. The company owner feasted us royally. We ate all night. We feasted the night away.

Talking to someone for just an hour will bring you light.

An hour's talk with Dr. Gaston is an intellectual feast.

In our house we talk about how men stare at women as if they would devour them.

In English, use the word feast. Robert feasts his eyes on Rhonda. Robert looks at Rhonda as if to swallow listen=listen, but to 'listen with gratitude', use feast one's ears on... The day before sending the clip Russian instrumental song for Rita

Another hour passed

Rita sent me a message saying I feasted my ears on the Russian music. I listened to Russian music with appreciation.

Nitikarun Mingruchiralai