There is research showing that eating "cheese" before going to bed will affect dreams.

Some say good night

Some say it's a nightmare.

This story sparked "Sleep Junkie" (Sleep Junkie), a website that reviews or evaluates sleeping mattresses, announcing that

Looking for volunteers to participate in research

to solve the belief that

Consuming cheese or other dairy products before bed can lead to nightmares.

Only 5 people were required for this research. The three-month mission was simple:




weren't quite right, with everyone having to eat different types of cheese before going to bed.

The team then monitored the sleep of all five people and assessed their sleep quality.

energy levels throughout the day

And with written reports of dreams and nightmares, a spokesperson for Sleep Junkie said it's not just nightmares that can disrupt deep sleep.

We wanted to know if there was a link between different types of cheese and other symptoms that could cause people to experience sleep disturbances.

This work, the above website did not invite.

Let's just eat various kinds of cheese for free.

There is a compensation for each person, 1,000 dollars or around 33,000 baht!

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