KMT legislator Lin Yihua is expected to resign as a legislator in February to take over as the deputy mayor of Beishi. Taipei Mayor Jiang Wanan continues to make a fuss today, only saying that the relevant personnel arrangements are in accordance with the established plan, and will explain it to the outside world once it is confirmed.

(Photo by reporter Zheng Mingxiang)

[Reporter Zheng Mingxiang/Taipei Report] There is still a vacancy for a deputy mayor in Taipei City. It is expected that Lin Yihua, a member of the KMT legislator, will take over after resigning from his post in February, and there will be challenges such as the Taiwan Lantern Festival. Today, we continue to be secretive, only saying that the relevant personnel arrangements are carried out according to the established plan, and once confirmed, we will explain to the outside world.

On the opening day of the fifth day of the Lunar New Year this year, Jiang Wan'an put on a festive red scarf early in the morning, first went to Songshan Xiahai Town God's Temple to distribute red envelopes, and then went to Guanghua Shopping Center Digital Xintiandi to participate in the New Year's market opening ceremony.

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Regarding when the deputy mayor Lin Yihua will be in place, and the outside world's concerns about the candidate for the third deputy mayor after the population of Taipei City returns to 2.5 million, Jiang Wan'an continued to hold back in the interview before the meeting, saying that the relevant personnel arrangements are carried out according to the established plan Once it is confirmed, it will be explained to the outside world, and it is emphasized that it hopes to increase the population. In addition to allowing more talents to stay in Taipei and creating a demographic dividend, it is also necessary to enhance Taipei's competitiveness.

As for the Taiwan Lantern Festival, which will be held on February 5, Jiang Wanan pointed out that before the Chinese New Year, various bureaus had been invited to conduct in-depth discussions on the Lantern Festival. In addition to responding to the trial operation on February 1, the bureaus also applied to Taipower for loop power supply and surrounding areas. For traffic issues of concern to the outside world, such as backup power, the relevant bureaus have also been asked to plan for traffic control and pedestrian flow. I hope that all people can come to Taipei to enjoy the lantern festival happily.