The house in the five major communities on Donggang Road, Yilan City was gassed last night, and the house was engulfed in flames.

(Provided by Yixian Fire Department)

Suspected Gas Leakage, Furniture Flying, Doors and Windows Shattered

[Reporter Jiang Zhixiong/Yilan Report] A gas explosion occurred at houses in the five major communities of Donggang Road in Yilan City the night before, injuring six people and seeking medical treatment. More than a dozen households were affected. Due to the power of the gas explosion, the entire alley seemed to have been bombed. The fire department inspected the fire site yesterday and found three barrels of gas on the first floor of the house where the gas explosion occurred. Among them, the gas cylinder pipeline of the water heater was suspected to be leaking, which may have caused the gas explosion, but further identification is still pending.

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The gas explosion house is a two-story multi-storey building in five major communities with dense residents. The fire station received a report at 10:51 in the evening. When the firefighters arrived, the house was already engulfed in flames. The doors and windows of the neighbors were shattered, and the doors of the residents on the opposite side were also blown up. The scene was a mess like a battlefield. After irrigation, the fire was brought under control at 11:14 in the evening. The 95-year-old owner surnamed Wen He and five neighbors were injured, and the six injured were conscious and sent to National Yangming Jiaotong University Hospital for treatment.

Neighbor: I smelled gas and was almost scared to leak urine, it was scary

Neighbors described that before the gas explosion, five or six of them were making tea at home. They smelled gas, but they couldn’t find the source after going out to check. It was so loud that it almost leaked urine, and it was so scary.

After dawn, it was clear that the houses had been seriously damaged beyond recognition by the gas explosions. Many neighbors had cracked walls, cracked glass doors and windows, and doors that could not be closed. The scene was devastated. Some people described it as if they had been bombed.

According to the investigation, the owner of the house surnamed Wen is an old man who lives alone. He suffered multiple burns and scalds all over his body. Because his family lived in a northern county, he was transferred to Taipei Veterans General Hospital for treatment. The other five injured were all lacerations and abrasions. After receiving bandage treatment It's all right.

The gas explosion spread to the neighbors, and the whole alley seemed to have been bombed.

(Photo by reporter Jiang Zhixiong)