Two people have been killed after a man attacked passengers with a knife on a German train.

(Associated Press)

[Instant News/Comprehensive Report] A knife attack occurred in Germany. A man attacked passengers with a knife on a train, killing 2 people and injuring many others.

Police said the man's motive for the attack was unknown.

According to a Reuters report, a knife attack occurred in Germany on the 25th. A stateless man of Palestinian origin attacked passengers with a knife on a train bound for Hamburg from Kiel in northern Germany, killing two people. , 7 people were slightly injured, while the perpetrator was slightly injured and is currently receiving treatment in the hospital.

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The man was arrested at the train station in Brokstedt.

The local police said that the motive of the man's crime is still unclear, and the police continue to investigate.

The man who committed the crime came to Germany from Gaza, Palestine, eight years ago and has a criminal record, but none of his previous crimes were politically motivated.