It is bad news that affects every household when the Energy Regulatory Commission (NEPC) and the Energy Policy Executive Committee (NEPC) under the National Energy Policy Council (NEPC) with General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister-in-Chief, candidate for Prime Minister Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party as president, adjusting the formula to help the poor, vulnerable groups who use no more than 300 units of electricity per month, amounting to 19.66 million households.

By increasing the electricity bill for vulnerable groups that use electricity 151-300 units per month, another 25 satang per unit, causing this group to pay an increase in electricity costs to almost 4 baht per unit from the original payment of 3.70 baht per unit from Ft" increase

In addition, the CPB also canceled the discount of 15-75% on electricity bills for household electricity users who use electricity between 301-500 units.

had to pay an additional 51.50 satang per unit to 4.72 baht per unit in the January-April period.

This sudden increase in electricity bills for the poor is once again "taking off the mask of good people" of the government of Gen. Prayuth. Previously, Gen. Prayut, as the chairman of the NEPC, resolved to freeze the electricity bill at 3.70 baht. per unit for vulnerable groups that use electricity from 1-300 units, 19.66 million households

If you think about 2 people per household, it affects 39 million people, while the group that uses 301-500 units of electricity per month is 2.1 million households.

will have to pay more expensive electricity to 4.72 baht per unit without discounts, and private and industrial electricity costs will pay more expensively to 5.33 baht per unit, which will result in

The cost of goods and services increases according to the electricity bill.


cost of living for all households

trouble all over the face of every patch of grass

The reason why the NEPC and the Ministry of Energy of Mr. Supattanapong Phanmeechaow, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Energy

Changed his mind to suddenly increase the electricity bill.

From the vulnerable, the poor, to housing, commerce and industry.

After a resolution to freeze the price at the end of last year

Completely contrary to what the Prime Minister has already said.

I can't know

I know that people will surely be in trouble in every household and every patch of grass.

It is known openly that

Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) is a state enterprise that uses the public's tax budget.

set up to produce electricity

But instead, the proportion of electricity production is steadily decreasing. According to EGAT's data, in 2022, EGAT produces only 34.71% of the total electricity capacity of over 48,700 megawatts, and the rest is electricity from private power producers. 52.49% buy electricity from Laos and 12.80% from Malaysia, resulting in higher electricity costs every year.

because it has to buy electricity from the private sector at a higher price than what EGAT produces by itself

Information from EGAT states that the last 4 months of 2022 from September to December

EGAT paid for private electricity purchases of more than 154,000 million baht.

It is the purchase of electricity from small power plants (SPPs) up to 77,000 million baht, one year is approximately 231,000 million baht, and the purchase of electricity from IPPs is over 53,000 million baht, quite enormous.

Small power plants will sell electricity to

EGAT at a price that is more expensive than a large power plant, with EGAT making a long-term purchase contract for 25 years, every owner of a small power plant is therefore rich and bloated, but 66 million Thai people have to pay electricity bills. more expensive in every household

The data also suggests that

These small power plants

Most of them occurred during the NCPO era since General Prayuth

revolution in 2014 onwards

Another reason why Thai people have to pay for high electricity bills is

Generating electricity in excess of demand Information from EGAT indicates that in September 2022

there was a total power generation capacity of 48,571 megawatts, but the highest electricity consumption in April 2022 was 32,254 megawatts, resulting in an excess of 16,317 megawatts. is another part of the Ft collected from the public

saw the information

Is it painful and who will uncle come out to fight for?

"The Wind Changes Direction"