The cabinet of Gen. Prayuth Chan-o-cha has approved the law on the prevention and suppression of crime in technology.

Went on Tuesday after gray Chinese capital came to open a horse account.

Open a gambling website to deceive a lot of Thai people's money.

I don't know these gray Chinese capital.

Do you use the services of the immigration police service, convenient for Yothin, like a Chinese female blogger? Or do you see advertisements selling services on Chinese websites?

It shows that they have been doing it for a long time until they are on the website for sale.

Contents in this Royal Decree

financial institutions

business operator

telecom operator

Has the power to exchange information about customers' accounts and transactions through the exchange system with the police, AMLO and other authorized agencies.

Access to information that can be exchanged is considered a law that violates privacy rights because it allows the AMLO police with political power to

Can access personal information for both accounts and financial transactions

It's definitely something that will continue to be debated.

The advantage is

Allowing financial institutions and business operators to immediately suspend fraudsters' transactions

when the victim is notified

Today I have a story

Horrible technological crime

Another story to tell each other that is Fake App or a fake application.

that I just read from

Banking websites, fake apps or these fake apps will come in the form of photography apps, artist live viewing apps, etc., with logos and interfaces similar to the real thing.

The hacker will spread the fake app download link to the target.

If the victim is convinced, they will click on the fake web page.

and install fake apps into the device

Most of them are apps outside the App Store and Play Store.

Khun Pholsuthi Thanesniratsai, director of Blue Bik Titans, a cybersecurity expert, revealed that

when users are fooled by installing fake apps on their devices.

The first thing the thief will do is

Let users register to spoof data such as access to SMS, photo gallery, contact list, especially 6-digit Pin, making it easier for criminals to access financial apps.

Then the villain will ask to open.

Disabled mode access rights

(Accessibility mode), which allows fake apps to run 24 hours without the user being able to shut down the device.

Then the fake app will

Ask for permission to broadcast the screen or screen casting to view the user's screen.

Finally, the fake app will

Ask for screen overlay rights or use fake apps to superimpose real apps, for example, criminals want to enter a 6-digit pin to access banking apps.

Criminals will overlay the screen to obscure the operation while pressing the code.

At this point, the villain will know our movement all the time.

Waiting for the target to not use the phone, for example, during the charging period, the culprit will gradually transfer money from our account to many fried horse accounts.

Until finally, it ended up with a P2P system of a crypto site like Binance to turn the stolen money into cryptocurrencies.

and rocking it to various wallets, making it very difficult to track

Less than 10% chance of being found

What do you do when you become a victim?

Khun Polsuthi explains that you must be careful when downloading the Fake App and having already registered to provide personal information to the criminal.

But no financial damage has yet occurred.

The first thing to do is

Turn on airplane mode (Airplane Mode) or immediately disable the Internet and reset to factory settings (Factory Reset) and then come back to download the desired app again because some fake apps will be embedded in the device.

You cannot order to close or withdraw your license.

In the event of a victim

The first thing to do is

Gather evidence to report immediately.

Once notified, immediately contact the bank.

If contacted quickly, there is a chance to freeze the money in time.

In fact, the Private Sector Anti-Crime Prevention and Suppression Act wants them to prevent and suppress here, but the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society instead takes the opportunity to “increase the power to access data and personal accounts”, which is a violation of privacy rights.

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