The attack by "Shahed" drones before the massive missile attack on Ukraine on January 26 was carried out to identify and overload Ukrainian air defense systems.

Military analyst Ihal Levin stated this on Apostrophe TV.

"They (the Russian occupiers - ed.) are testing the capabilities of air defense systems deployed in Ukraine. They use the Shahed attack to detect air defense systems, to see where new systems are deployed, what are the possibilities, plus expensive missiles were spent on drones, to oversaturate our air defense and hit with missiles. Such an attack in two or three waves is called "overload". There is a goal to overload, and specific missiles are aimed at hitting the right objects," Levin said.

The analyst added that the Air Defense Forces of Ukraine will be able to overcome this, but the threat should not be underestimated, since no Air Defense Forces is capable of covering the sky completely.

"For example, you have 10 air defense systems, and 20 missiles are flying. Your air defense systems are good, but they shoot down 8-10 of them, and another 10-12 fly further. There is not a single air defense or anti-missile system in the world, not even in the USA, Europe or Israel , which do not break through. No anti-aircraft missile will cover the sky completely, some part will always fly by, so there is always a threat of being hit," the military analyst warned.

Military expert Ihor Levchenko also confirmed the change in Russian tactics.

According to him, the enemy is really using kamikaze drones to detect Ukrainian air defense systems in order to weaken and create conditions for further attacks.

At the same time, as he said, the occupiers have few missiles left.

It will be recalled that the Russian occupiers resumed attacks on Ukraine 

with Iranian-made kamikaze drones Shahed-136/131


Let's add that on January 26, the Russians attacked Ukraine with UAVs, and a few minutes later - with cruise missiles.

It was reported that a hit was recorded in Vinnytsia region. 


in Dnipro, the enemy got into an industrial enterprise

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