In a few days, the first month of the new year will pass.

Do you still remember the promise that you made to yourself with all sorts of plans including savings and investments? Have you taken action yet?

Western New Year

Chinese New Year

"Mr. Pharuay" asked for the right to claim the contract.

Because if you don't say hi, don't ask each other.

Some people may wish to take turns waiting for the Thai New Year to go there...

Now, the Stock Exchange of Thailand has joined forces with Sukhumvit Asset Management Co., Ltd. and the Bank of Thailand.

invite interested people to learn

“Debt Management Techniques” through the teaching course

“SET e-Learning to be in debt happily”

This job is suitable for people who start planning about going into debt.

to people with bad debt problems

Anyone who has promised themselves to deal with debt that is a tangled mess with their own lives in the old year or needs to get into debt for the new year.

Now the great opportunity has arrived.

because of course

"Happily in debt"

He has completed 3 courses for those who are interested to know how to manage debt.

and learn to live with debt happily

not hard work

Paying back debt day by day

as always

by the first course


"Know before you owe

You won't know this later "

to allow us to learn.

and know different forms of credit

Assessing your own readiness

and what to do before incurring debt

Suitable for those who are deciding to apply for a loan.

or those who have debt but still have no problems

Continue with the second course.

"How to deal

with debt" about how to solve debt problems by yourself

and negotiations with creditors for debt restructuring.

People who are already in debt or people whose debts begin to build up

Worried that there will be problems in the future

Must not miss this course.

As for those whose lives are in the

"debt monsoon",

there will be initial bad debt problems.

or are facing severe debt problems

Come find a solution with the third course.

"How to solve bad debt problems?" Let's learn how to restructure debt.

to cope from the beginning of bad debt

Until when he had to plunge himself into the legal process

Who wants to get rid of suffering and sorrow from having debt?

No need to waste money and waste time scanning karma anywhere.

Just scan the QR code to apply for classes at "SET e-Learning, happily in debt"

All of the above courses are free to study.


will also receive an e-certificate

But most importantly, we believe that once you have passed this course,

You will definitely have different views and ideas about “debt”.

because being in debt is not a bad thing

We just need to know how to get into debt properly.

and have the right debt management techniques

will help us

"Happily in debt" is absolutely true!!

Mrs. Pharuay