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Austria and the Netherlands said "no" to Bulgaria to enter Schengen.

The European Commission has also refused to provide us with 2 billion euros to strengthen the border, for which the Austrian chancellor promised to help. 

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Migrant crisis 914

We got a lot of "no"s.

If in the European space they expect us to deal with this serious problem on their land border with Turkey, they are very naive.

The border is a front line.

If we wanted to be more effective, we had to take more extensive action on the fence.

If we want to strengthen our border with Turkey, we must have good contacts with the Turkish side.

This was stated by the former head of the NSO, Gen.

Rumen Milanov on the air of "Denyat ON AIR".

According to him, the replacement of technical equipment with modern equipment is also extremely important. 

"The third important element is manpower. For it, they often say to use the resources of Frontex. As a methodology and experience, it makes sense, but in my humble experience - local forces do best in similar situations," he noted.

"Frontex": Record high pressure on the external borders of the EU for the last seven years

According to him, the border guard system is not efficient enough, and the forces are limited. 

"The EU must be useful to us both with means and with equipment," the guest told Bulgaria ON AIR categorically.

General Milanov is of the opinion that "the administrative pyramid in Brussels has its own mechanism, which is not in favor of Bulgaria".

"We have to put billions against the business of human trafficking for billions - otherwise nothing will happen," he believes. 

The guest did not fail to comment on the need for reforms in the system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"In order to carry out a reform, a management-functional project must be prepared, what we want to achieve, what we want to change and what we don't. The purges are anti-reform," the guest also said.

Migrant crisis


Rumen Milanov