The Animal Welfare Department of New Taipei City will hold a pet adoption event at Jieyun Temple Town on February 4.

(Photo provided by New Taipei City Animal Protection Office)

[Reporter Weng Yuhuang/New Taipei Report] People are used to going to temples to light "Safe Lanterns" for their families during the Spring Festival, but many people don't know that temples can also light "Safe Lanterns" for pets. The New Taipei City Animal Protection and Epidemic Prevention Department announced the pet spots on the official website The lights serve 5 temples, so that the public can pray for the fur babies at home. The Department of Animal Protection also launched the activity of "Lighting safe lanterns for fur babies, good luck and good luck every year". If you take a photo or go to the Animal House to adopt, you will get a lucky draw opportunity to light a "safety lamp" for your pet for free.

Xie Yuda, head of the New Taipei City Animal Protection Department, said that in recent years, with the changes in population structure and lifestyle, more and more people keep fur babies, pets have become the closest companions of owners, and lighting up lights for pets has become a trend. Five temples including Fuchen Palace in Xindian, Ciyou Palace in Xinzhuang, Guangxing Palace in Sanxia, ​​Shouzhen Palace in Zhonghe and Jieyun Temple in Banqiao provide lighting services, and you can make more use of them to pray for the fur baby.

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Xie Yuda pointed out that last year, the Department of Animal Protection initiated the pet adoption and lighting event at Jieyun Temple in Banqiao during the Lantern Festival. If you adopt it, you will get a chance to draw a lottery. There will be 16 lucky owners who will be able to light "safety lights" for their pets for free.

In addition, the Department of Animal Health has launched a lucky draw event. People who have pets can also be eligible for the lucky draw by uploading photos of their fur babies and tagging 2 friends on Facebook event posts. Pets light up the "Safe Lantern". The event will end at 12:00 noon on February 2, and the winners will be announced at 17:00 pm. If the public wants to find a fur baby to accompany them, they can also participate in Banqiao Jieyun Temple on February 4 Adoption activities, if you successfully adopt a pet, you will get a "safety lamp", so that your pet will accompany you in health and happiness throughout the year.

Say goodbye to the Chinese New Year, and don't forget to light a lantern for your pets.

(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Animal Protection Office)

The crystal peace lantern of the Three Gorges Guangxing Palace.

(Photo courtesy of New Taipei City Animal Protection Office)