Farmer Chen Baoan and his wife set up a stall to sell custard Buddha during the Chinese New Year, which is cheap and delicious.

(Photo by reporter Huang Mingtang)

[Reporter Huang Mingtang/Taitung Report] Taitung’s pineapple Sakyamuni export route was blocked. Farmers set up stalls during the Chinese New Year and sold them to tourists at low prices ranging from 30 to 70 yuan per catty depending on the appearance. They almost lost money, but they still encountered The price was slashed, and a family of four even saw the ripe fruit for free, and the scene was full of flowers. After eating 11 pieces in a row, they asked the farmer for toilet paper to wipe their mouths. .

Pineapple custard fruit was a high-priced fruit three years ago. Especially during the Chinese New Year, the price that farmers handed over to the collection yard was more than 70 yuan per catty, or even broke 100 yuan. Consumers bought much higher prices, but now a Big A fruit, you can eat it for 30 yuan, which is quite cheap.

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Taitung County Councilor Yang Zhaoxin used to be the chairman of the Taitung Farmers' Association. He said that the current purchase price from farmers by the farmers' association is about 20 yuan per catty; farmer Chen Baoan said that his current personal retail price depends on the size and appearance. It ranges from 30 to 70 yuan per catty, and depending on the purchase quantity of customers, it will be reduced. In such a cheap situation, there are tourists who reported on TV that the price dropped to 15 yuan per catty, and asked for a comparison. He was too lazy. take care of.

Chen Baoan said that pineapple Sakyamuni is quite labor-intensive. In the past two or three years, the wages and materials have increased in price. The Council of Agriculture said that the farmers sold it at 30 yuan per catty and it was equal. In fact, the planting cost alone is now about 40 yuan per catty. , Selling below this price will almost always lose money, just hope that the hard-planted fruits will not rot.

Chen Baoan said that in order to stimulate customers' willingness to buy, he originally provided soft ripe fruits for people to try on the spot for free, but a few days ago, a family of four got out of the car and ate 11 of them at once, and all of them were eaten. It was big fruit. He originally thought that if they ate more, they would buy more. Unexpectedly, after they finished eating, they asked him for toilet paper, wiped their mouths, got in the car and drove away without buying any, which made him quite helpless.

Sakyamuni said that Sakyamuni is quite nutritious, and the current market is really cheap enough!