The political flute began to move.

As early as April, as late as May, there must be an election, unless there is a political accident first.

Each political party has different strengths.


must admit

Having a stronghold in the south is the most important strength.

Whether it's because of political culture or because it's in your blood.

But politics in the south is intense to the heart.

politicians in the south

If you can't speak well, don't give a speech when it's time for the alms round, don't expect to be elected as an MP. The highlight is the clarity of the politicians.

Dare to say, dare to do. By the way, politicians, especially in the southern region of every party right now, have all originated from the Democrat Party.

In the past, democracy was so prosperous that it was known as the oldest political party.

There are many political precursors recorded in political history.

It's a party that kills and never dies.

No political party can beat the Democrats.

In addition to fighting among themselves in the party

It is a political party that has been regarded as a political institution.

Observe that the rise or fall of the party in each era depends almost entirely on the party leader.

When a political party rides a satellite as a comparison

With the slow and traditional democracy is the most important turning point.

Democratic internal politics has caused another change that was triggered by political movements on the streets of Democrats in the form of the PDRC and has resulted in many waves of democratic changes.

Until the Democrat era, under the leadership of Jurin Laksanawisit, both old wounds and new wounds caused disunity within the party.

Including the political affiliation of the democrats in the past.

It was predicted in advance that the Democrats would

MPs from the next election, not many

And will lead to an internal crisis of the Democrats again, with the original party's MPs moving out

which most of them went to live with

General Prayuth Chan-o-cha's Thai Sang Chart, almost all of them, probably because it received the highest popularity in the south.

It is said that Democrats under the leadership of former party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva lost the election in 2019 because of Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha as well.

General Prayut

The result came out as seen.

and it is said that today

Gen. Prayuth is desperate for the opening of the opposition's general debate in a state of unease.

General Prayuth has no base.

MPs in the House of Representatives from the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party support

with the attitude of the coalition government

General Prayuth can't be controlled.

to the point of deciding to dissolve the parliament

Keep an eye on how clear the Democratic stance is.

Bet on the future of the old political party.

iron fist