The 8-meter-high space rabbit of the New Taipei Lantern Festival rotates 360 degrees to the music, bringing the event to a climax.

(Photo by reporter Weng Yuhuang)

The space rabbit in Xionghou Forest Paradise is 8 meters high and rides a flying saucer to rotate the lotus pond ㄇㄚˊA few rabbits are so cute

[Reporters Weng Yuhuang, Huang Xulei, Li Huizhou/Comprehensive Report] Both the New Taipei Lantern Festival and the Kaohsiung Liantan Lantern Festival chose to light the main lights on the fifth day of the Lunar New Year to kick off the lantern festival.

The New Taipei Lantern Festival debuted at the Bear Monkey Forest Park in the New Taipei Metropolitan Park. The 8-meter-tall space rabbit riding a flying saucer blinked its eyes and greeted the audience with music and lights that rotated 360 degrees.

The Kaohsiung Lantern Festival was moved to Zuoying for the first time, with "Captain Cute Rabbit—ㄇㄚ" as the main light on water and land, and attracted more than 130,000 tourists on the first day.

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At the New Taipei Lantern Festival, New Taipei City Mayor Hou Youyi and artist Chen Yalan jointly launched the main light of "Rabbits to Run".

New Taipei Eight Major Theme Lights and Five Major Performances Nine Prefectures and Cities in Japan Participate in the Exhibition

Hou Youyi said that this year, the venue will be turned into an amusement park, and eight themed lighting areas and five performances will be planned. Nine prefectures and cities in Japan will be invited to participate in the exhibition, and Shidi Chen Yalan and an international performance team will perform in turn. There are different styles during the day and night. On February 12, the whole family is welcome to enjoy the lanterns and have fun.

Yesterday's event kicked off with Chen Yalan's "Jiaqing Junyou Xinbei Lantern Festival", followed by the world's first glass projection dance troupe "Kongshuang" dancing with illusions of light and shadow, as well as performances by well-known artist Hot Shock and popular rapper Gao Erxuan , and a parade of floats comparable to the level of a paradise with the Fusha Brazilian Percussion Orchestra parading on the street, the scene was full of laughter.

For the first time this year, the International Lighting District invited works from Tokyo, Japan to participate in the exhibition. It was inspired by the torii gates of shrines. The blue and white lanterns with the Tokyo brand logo and the curtains printed with famous nostalgic and trendy attractions in Tokyo are hung between the pillars.

Well-known architect Kengo Kuma integrated Hokkaido's highest peak "Mt. Asahi" into his works, as well as Nebuta lanterns from JR East Hotel, lighting up New Taipei together.

Kaohsiung lights up the Dragon and Tiger Tower, and various troupes take turns on the stage at Wuliting

At the Kaohsiung Lantern Festival, Mayor Chen Qimai will light up the main lights on water and land. Last night at 6:30 pm, the lights around Lianchi Lake will be turned on. The surrounding Dragon and Tiger Pagodas, Wuli Pavilion, and Xuantian God will be lit up in sequence. Fireworks will emerge from the back of the Confucius Temple, and the brilliant fireworks will be reflected On the surface of the pool, the people exclaimed again and again.

Gao Minlin, director of the Tourism Bureau, said that during the lantern festival, Jinwuzhou Palm Theater Troupe, Tianhongyuan Palm Theater Troupe, Golden Eagle Pavilion TV Puppet Theater Troupe, Jin Feifeng Puppet Theater Troupe, Kaohsiung Shadow Theater Troupe, Donghua Shadow Theater Troupe and Yongxingle Shadow Theater Troupe will take turns in the surrounding areas For temple performances, today (27th) we invite Minghuayuan Tianzi Drama Troupe to perform at Zuoying Confucian Temple.

The dynamic main light "Light Dance in the Lotus Pond" will be on display until the Lantern Festival on February 5th, and the activities of offering incense in temples and selling iPhone14 at businesses will continue until February 28th.

Yuandi Temple, Tzu Chi Palace, Qimingtang, Zhouzai Qingshui Temple, Pizitou Zhenfu Temple, Tianfu Palace, Fengyi Old City Town God's Temple and other seven temples around Lianchitan. Visitors who pray for blessings will have the chance to win iPhone14 and 6 15-inch TV and other awards, and from now until February 28, people who spend more than 200 yuan in shops in Zuoying District, take photos of physical invoices or receipts and upload them to the designated area of ​​the Tourism Bureau ( /), you can smoke iPhone14.

Kaohsiung Lantern Festival Dragon Tiger Pagoda Light Dance Liantan show, dazzling.

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Liantan Lantern Festival in Kaohsiung City lights up the main lantern "Captain Cute Rabbit—ㄇㄚˊ Ji".

(Photo by reporter Li Huizhou)

Highlights of New Taipei and Kaohsiung Lantern Festivals