Yangming Jiaotong University Distinguished Professor CHATTOPADHYAY SUROJIT (left) applied for the Plum Blossom Card, and took a group photo with Lin Zeqian (right), the head of the North District Affairs Brigade of the Immigration Department.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Zhengfeng)

[Reporter Wu Zhengfeng/Taipei Report] CHATTOPADHYAY SUROJIT, a 57-year-old Indian nano-expert who was awarded an outstanding professor by Yangming Jiaotong University, came to Taiwan to study and teach for 22 years. He fell in love with this land, and recently applied to the Ministry of the Interior for the "exclusive" "Foreigners who have made major contributions" Plum Blossom Card” to obtain permanent residency.

The Immigration Department pointed out on the 26th that SUROJIT has provided important technologies for nanomaterials and semiconductor optoelectronics in my country, and it deserves to be awarded the Plum Blossom Card.

SUROJIT, known as SUR by students, graduated from the University of Calcutta in India with a Ph.D. in physics. His main research field is solid-state physics. He won the "Nehru Centennial British Scholarship" (Journal After receiving the Scholar Award), in 2000, at the suggestion of a friend, he went to National Taiwan University for postdoctoral research, specializing in nanobiotechnology.

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Since 2008, SUR has taught at Yangming University (now restructured into Yangming Jiaotong University), and is now a distinguished professor at the Institute of Biomedical Optoelectronics, specializing in research on nanomaterial photoelectric sensors and energy applications, cancer imaging, and toxicity sensing. etc. Biochemical Medicine, 2021 awarded Distinguished Professor.

Taking nanomaterials for cancer treatment as an example, SUR directly implants nanomaterials with chemical substances into cancer cells and heats them with laser beams to destroy cancer cells.

The nano-materials he researched can be used to produce photosensors that convert infrared rays into electric currents, and they were published in the top international journal "Nano Energy".

SUR has also obtained 2 invention patents in Taiwan, namely "the production method of the anti-counterfeiting mark, the detection method and the anti-counterfeiting device for its application" and "the production method and use method of the test paper and the drug combination used in the production method", both of which are It is the result of studying nanometer applications.

He also published more than 100 papers in periodicals and 6 book chapters.

Researching and teaching in Taiwan for more than 22 years, SUR has led the team to preside over the research projects of the National Science Council and the Ministry of Science and Technology. Currently, he is implementing "upconversion-perovskite engineering hybrid for broadband photoelectric detection and solar cells" for the energy market. The most advanced application technology has made outstanding contributions to my country's optoelectronic industry.

He also fell in love with Taiwan, and applied for the Meihua Card as a "senior professional". He hoped to obtain a permanent residence permit for foreigners, and was approved by the review committee at the beginning of the year.

The National Immigration Agency stated that the National Development Council has further relaxed foreign (specific) professionals who have obtained a master's degree or above in my country. Foreign professionals create a friendlier working and living environment.

Yangming Jiaotong University Distinguished Professor CHATTOPADHYAY SUROJIT (left) is a nano expert in my country.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Zhengfeng)

The daughter of CHATTOPADHYAY SUROJIT (left), a distinguished professor at Yangming Jiaotong University, is also studying in Taiwan.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Zhengfeng)

CHATTOPADHYAY SUROJIT (left), Distinguished Professor of Yangming Jiaotong University, is deeply loved by students.

(Photographed by reporter Wu Zhengfeng)