Kirby, White House National Security Council strategic communications and coordinator, emphasized that the U.S. aided Ukrainian tanks and ignored Moscow's so-called "red line"; the M1 Abrams main tank.

(AFP; synthesized by this newspaper)

[Compiled by Chen Chengliang/Comprehensive Report] Germany and the United States reversed their attitudes, and successively announced aid for Ukrainian Western heavy tanks. Moscow jumped and warned the relevant countries not to cross the "red line".

White House National Security Council Strategic Communication Coordinator John Kirby (John Kirby) emphasized on the 25th that the United States neither cares nor ignores Moscow's warning not to cross the "red line". The United States believes that the assistance provided to Ukraine does not constitute a threat to Russia threaten.

Kirby commented during a news briefing when he was warned by reporters and Russia's "red line": "We totally ignore what they say (red line), we don't care. Speaking of which, tanks should be able to help Ukraine Defeat enemies more effectively in open fields, assist them in protecting sovereignty and territory, and recover lost ground."

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He also reiterated President Biden's contention that supplying Kyiv with tanks posed no threat to Russia.

Kirby emphasized, "Whether it is a threat to Russian soldiers can be discussed, and it is, but Russian soldiers are to blame for going to Ukraine instead of staying in Russia!"

The CNN analysis pointed out that sending the main tank to Ukraine means that the Western countries have taken a new step, which "shows that NATO is fearless."

Unlike anti-aircraft systems or anti-armor missiles, tanks are not defensive weapons. They, like previous artillery and rocket systems, are designed to slam Russian forces in a ground offensive, but Western countries are not worried about stepping on Russia. the "red line".

CNN mentioned that for a long time, the outside world believed that some NATO assistance to Ukraine might anger the nuclear powers, but now this view seems to be disintegrating.

Kirby, the strategic communications and coordinator of the National Security Council of the White House, emphasized that the U.S. aid for Ukrainian tanks ignores Moscow's so-called "red line".