The Pha Pa Pa Cabinet overturned

One day poured 3.6 billion baht. At the cabinet meeting on January 24, the green light was passed through all 14 ministries and 25 agencies to create debt for the 2024 budget, large projects with a budget of more than 1 billion baht.

Interestingly, in the part of the Prime Minister's Office

Has proposed a project to purchase a VIP aircraft to replace a type 19 transport aircraft, amounting to 8,784 million baht.

It is a binding budget across the years 2024-2027, totaling 4 years.

Divided into commitments to the year 2024 budget of 1,753.538 million baht.

Committed to the budget for the year 2025 in the amount of 2,191.434 million baht.

Committed to the budget for the year 2026 in the amount of 2,201.514 million baht.

And binding the budget for the year 2027 another 2,637.114 million baht

by giving details only to be indifferent

Purchased with necessary equipment, spare parts, training and other equipment, the government spokesman's team did not detail the list.

So I'm not sure if it's the aircraft in the position of the Thai leader or not.

go and search for information until you know

This VIP aircraft procurement project of the Royal Thai Air Force is due to the fact that the Royal Thai Air Force stated that

It is necessary to procure 3 aircraft to transport important people.

Replaces Airbus A340–500 aircraft that will complete their service life assessment cycle in fiscal year 2026.

And Airbus has stopped production of the A340-500 since 2012, making maintenance and repairs even more expensive.

Recall that during the Thaksin Shinawatra government, they used to buy planes to transport important people in 2004-05 to support the prime minister's mission.

and the Cabinet

Until being compared to

"Air Force One"

of world leaders

is an Airbus A-319 aircraft equipped with 36 seats, a budget of 1,117 million baht, divided into aircraft costs of 1.1 billion baht and a budget for inspection and training officers, approximately 17 million baht.

Which the opposition party at that time was the Democrat, especially Mr. Chuan Leekpai, came out to oppose it almost to death.

Said that the prime minister's mission could use commercial aircraft.

to save budget

The period is 17–18 years apart, but the procurement limit is completely different, up to 8 times.

But this cabinet, with many ministers from the Democrat Party joining in the circle, has passed smoothly, or that day and today are different eras.

This story has started to have a lot of criticism.

But there will be clarifications later on the necessity of purchasing.

would be inevitable in

The issue of enhancing the potential of the Prime Minister's and Minister's missions for flexibility in the administration of the country.

This plane is not the Prime Minister's personal property.

and used for welcoming important people

guest house guest

and also helps to build confidence

Increase the country's credibility

The important thing is that there is transparency in the style of "Big Tu".

Can this be called a repetition, right? "Uncle".

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