A woman from England claims to have seen her husband, who died nine years ago, in a commercial for a restaurant.

However, the management of the establishment said that this was impossible, since the advertisement in question was filmed very recently - in the second week of January.

But for Lucy Watson, there is no doubt that it is her husband Harry Doherty who is seen sitting at one of the tables in the restaurant.

The moment he saw it, Watson wrote a comment under the restaurant's ad on his Facebook page.

He is!

The moment I saw him, I thought, Oh my God, that's Harry.

I have no doubt that it was my husband.

I've watched the ad over 30 times and each time I'm more convinced that it's him, the woman wrote.

Lucy Watson again contacted the restaurant and from there they were again adamant that the ad was made very recently and that the video was neither old nor edited.

The widow even notes that the man she claims to be her aforementioned husband was eating chicken curry as "that was all he ate".