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The parents of a 14-year-old girl reported a teacher from Asenovgrad who had a sexual relationship with their underage daughter.

They found out about it from their long correspondence on a social network.

The police and the prosecutor's office have been contacted.

Tonight, the math teacher was detained for 24 hours by the police in Asenovgrad.

The parents found out about the disturbing closeness between their daughter and the math teacher from her classmates who forwarded them chats between the two.

Their communication started two years ago, when the girl was 13 years old.

Initially, the child denied everything and deleted the chat from his phone.

But the parents found an old mobile device used by their daughter and read everything from there.

"It is very difficult as a parent to read such chats with a 13-14-year-old girl, there are sexual things that are very stressful. Everything is clearly visible in these chats that the teacher is pressuring her, pushing her. This teacher's name is Atanas Basmajiev from Asenovgrad . He taught until seventh grade," the girl's father told BNT.

A student slept with her teacher - he assured her that it would improve her writing quality

The family's lawyer is adamant that the relationship between the student and the teacher was not just online.

Later, the child himself admitted that sexual contact had taken place between the two.

Borislav Maznev, lawyer: Fornication and sexual acts committed by her teacher at the school where she studies.

An investigation is currently underway and we expect an adequate response from the judicial authorities in Bulgaria".

"She hasn't eaten for three days, she's constantly thinking and we're not at our wits' end - neither my wife nor I, for this to happen to our child. We never even thought that something like this could happen to a teacher ".

The teacher himself no longer works at the school.

He left for health reasons even before the scandal broke out.

"Because I've had a stroke, I don't want to comment on the rest for the moment. All the necessary conversations have been held and that's it for the moment. I'm not worried, I just don't want to comment for the moment," said the teacher.

The school also declined to comment on what happened until investigators determine the veracity of the chat.

When information about the chat reached the principal, she herself reported it to the police.

"The person against whom the report is directed is in the regional police department in Asenovgrad and they are working with him. I assume that tomorrow we will have more information when the materials are fully reported to the prosecutor's office," said Atanas Iliev from the Regional Prosecutor's Office-Plovdiv.

At this stage of the investigation, there is no evidence that the teacher had similar relationships with other students.


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