Landing exercises of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation took place in the Brest region bordering Ukraine. 

The video and photo were published by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus.

The defense department of Russia's ally says that during the Belarusian-Russian air-tactical training, more than a hundred servicemen of the 38th Airborne Brigade took part in the landing.

The military parachuted

from the IL-76MD aircraft


The landing was

launched from a height of 600 meters with regular weapons and equipment.

"As part of the joint flight and tactical training of the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus and the Russian Federation, the issue of rebasing air echelons of Belarusian and Russian aviation units

to operational airfields, including in Russia, is being

worked out . At the Brest training ground, helicopter crews ensure the performance of parachute and non-parachute landings of units of special operations forces ", the message of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus states.

It is worth noting that on January 25, a strange air alert sounded in Ukraine, which was announced only in the Volyn and Rivne regions.

It is these regions that border the Brest region.

Probably the landing of the landing force was the cause of the alarm. 

What is happening in Belarus

It will be recalled that the observers reported that 

in the coming days, active aviation flights are expected in Belarus 

within the framework of joint tactical air exercises of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

The "Belarusian Gayun" monitoring group reported that Russia is likely to redeploy its troops in Belarus.

According to the media, an analogue of Wagner PVC is being created in Belarus.

According to the General Staff, there are currently 10,000 to 30,000 mobilized Russians training in Belarus.

The enemy does not have enough forces to attack from the northern border of Ukraine.

For offensive actions, almost twice as much is needed, say the military and add that the statements about the probable attack still have the appearance of playing on nerves.