Today's attack by drones and missiles had signs of a combined strike, which the Russians may use in the future.

Military analyst Oleksiy Hetman told about its complexity and danger in a comment for

"This is tentatively a new tactic that they have already tried to use. Most likely,

they will combine all the weapons they have

: high-precision missiles such as the Kh-555 and Kh-101, along with this, they will use drones at the same time, maybe also at the same time Iskander ballistic missiles and not very accurate missiles, - says Hetman. - This will make the work of our air defense much more difficult. A lot. In this case, drones can cover the missiles and prevent our air defense from working as it is capable of - 70%, 80% beating".

When asked about the significant difference in the speed of a drone and a missile, Hetman answered: "They cannot fly synchronously. A missile flies faster than a drone.

Drones can be the first to launch when they are over a certain city, they can launch missiles

that will catch up with drones."

According to Hetman, the number of rockets that were fired over Ukraine today (55, of which 47 were shot down - Red).

shows that the Russians refused to release too many of them simultaneously.

"They plan to change their tactics in order to achieve the goal they set for themselves. If it doesn't work out in one way, they try to improve. We are also improving," the analyst summarized.    

Mass attack on January 26: what is known

On the morning of January 26, Russia launched a new massive missile attack on Ukraine, 

firing 55 missiles at it


Air defense forces managed to shoot down 47 of them.

Enemy missiles hit both critical energy infrastructure and civilian objects.

In particular, hits were recorded in Odesa and Vinnytsia.

Emergency blackouts were introduced in Ukraine, however, as Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal reported, the damage to the energy infrastructure is not critical. 

We would like to add that

a part of a downed Russian rocket fell in one of the districts of Kyiv

, resulting in the death of a 55-year-old man.

Two more people were injured.

According to the State Emergency Service, 

 at least 11 people were killed as a result of the massive missile attack on Ukraine

on January 26, and 11 more were also recorded as victims of the enemy's actions.

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