For example, there has been no Ukrainian delegation in Vietnam since 2014.

He wrote about this in a message on social networks. 

"So at the moment I really am on a business trip in Asia.

All senior leaders are aware, as is the head of my faction.

The war is going on and we are only following orders.

I do not hide my whereabouts, all my meetings are official and documented.

I remind you that I am the co-chairman of the friendship group with Vietnam," he said.

Tyshchenko's route includes Ho Chi Minh City, the Kingdom of Thailand, and Vietnam.

"For the purpose of security, I will tell about the results of the business trip upon arrival in the report," - assured the People's Deputy.

According to him, "according to the order of the top management, the Asian direction is currently one of the priorities."

"I entered politics thanks to the President and the voters, to whom I fulfilled all my promises.

And in the future, I will continue, despite any dirty technologies, to clearly fulfill the tasks set by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

And I will not back down, because his vector fully corresponds to my desire to build a decent country and a united nation.

For now, my business trip will continue as planned.

After all, I act exclusively in the interests of Ukraine, which today includes the establishment of diplomatic relations in the international arena to accelerate our Victory.

I will return with a positive result for the country," Tyshchenko summed up.

We will remind that at the same time the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Ruslan Stefanchuk stated that he did not send People's Deputy Mykola Tyshchenko abroad.

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