Prepare to become a new legend of the Tottenham Hotspur club soon for Harry Kane, captain of the England striker.

After just stepping up to equal the club's top scorer, Jimmy Greaves, the legendary striker of England and Spurs, who scored 266 goals.

The 29-year-old striker moved to play with

Spurs debuted in 2011, playing 415 games and scoring 266 goals, while Greaves made 379 appearances for Spurs from 1961 to 1970, scoring 266 goals.

Kane is now third-highest goalscorer of all time with 199 goals, behind former England and Newcastle striker Alan Shearer on 260, and former striker Wayne Rooney second. The England international has also played for Manchester United and Everton, scoring 208 goals.

which from the performance of Ken's smashing door makes disciples

"Golden Spur Chicken" does not want this striker to move to a team where he wants to stay with the team until he hangs up his boots.

Because the 29-year-old striker is the heart of the team's attacking goal.

But Ken's situation with

"Golden Spurs" are starting to return after having less than two years left on his contract with the famous London club, with the original contract expiring in June 2024.

If counted, now there are only 18 months left.

Spurs are trying to speed up talks with Kane in hopes of getting the England forward to sign on.

But now Ken is starting to see a bigger future.

Because if you are still with

"Golden Spikes Chicken", in the future, may be a king without a throne.

Because Spurs still do not seem to be able to win the Premier League.

Or a European cup like the UEFA Champions League to win it

Don't say 2 large cups mentioned above.

Just a small cup like the FA Cup or the Carabao Cup or the League Cup is hardly a chance.

Kane had previously requested a transfer last season.

But the Spurs did not allow him to move until the form fell apart to recover the situation to return to score a goal, it took some time.

Made it now, after the contract of just 18 months left of the giants in the leagues.

began to pay attention to Ken again

Because if this season ends, the referee cannot renew the contract with the team, believing that the "Golden Spur Chicken" must definitely decide to sell Ken.

Because I don't want to lose free

Make now "Red Devils" Manchester United clearly in the news that wants to get Harry Kane to join the gang and is ready to spend money to hunt for this 29-year-old striker to join the gang. can

Now, Manchester United's strength is considered quite complete, starting from the goalkeeper, defensive line, midfield, offensive line, with many famous stars and Erik Ten Hag, a talented Dutch coach.

Can build a team so strong and fast that it gives him the opportunity to secretly win the championship as well

But what Ten Hag lacks is a center forward.

At present, there is only Anthony Marcel, the French national team striker.

Who is hurting more and more, and Voight Wakehorst, the giant striker of the Netherlands national team, is on loan

That makes Kane the answer to Ten Hag, who insiders say the former Ajax boss has told the board to sign the 29-year-old striker because Kane is the key to making the "devil Red” came back to shine again.

In the end, it's up to Ken to decide to continue as a king without a throne.

or to become a king sitting on the champion throne!!

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