Birthday of the President of Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelensky turned 45 today!

His wife Olena Zelenska congratulated him on his page on the Internet. 

She wished him health and more reasons to smile.

Ukrainians on social networks are already joking that Germany took so long to decide whether to transfer Leopard tanks to Ukraine, only to announce this decision a few hours before the birthday of the head of state. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy himself has not published any videos today, and the President's Office has not yet announced who else congratulated him.  

On this day, TSN decided to remember how the president changed during almost four years of ruling the country, and how at the same time he was changed by a year of full-scale war.

Note that it is interesting that on Zelenskyi's birthday, his address was shown on propaganda channels in the occupied Crimea and in the Belgorod region of Russia.

This caused panic among the Russians. 

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