The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyi, thanked Germany and the USA for the transfer of tanks and stated the need to form such a tank fist, after the blows of which tyranny will no longer rise.

The head of state said this in a video message.

"I thank all our allies for their willingness to give us modern and much-needed tanks. All this proves the most important fact for the world right now - the fact that freedom is only getting stronger. And how united we all work to strengthen freedom, to protect Ukraine and of Europe, is a historic achievement of the leaders who are working now," Zelenskyi said.

He noted that the key now is speed and volume.

It is about the speed of training of the Ukrainian military, the speed of supplying tanks to Ukraine and their volume. 

"We have to form such a tank fist, such a fist of freedom, after the blows of which tyranny will no longer rise. We can do it. Together and only - just as we make decisions today. Important ones," the president emphasized.

He also noted the importance of progress in other aspects of defense cooperation.


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