Participant of the 12th season of the romantic reality show "


", where the main character was

Alex Topolsky

Yulia Kavchuk

settled her personal life after leaving the show.

As the girl shared earlier, during the full-scale war, she left Ukraine for Dubai, where she found her love.

Kavchuk started dating a guy from Brazil who plays football professionally.

Yuliya Kavchuk in Dubai / Photo:

And the other day Yulia dared to share her happiness and for the first time published a joint photo with her boyfriend in the story of her Instagram page.

She signed the frame: "Okay... Maybe I'll delete it tomorrow. I'm having fun because I'm unemployed now, and he's working. I think it's perfect," wrote a happy Kavchuk.

Yuliya Kavchuk with her boyfriend / Photo:

We will remind that, in addition to Yulia Kavchuk, after the end of the "Bachelor" project, actress Victoria Varley also found her destiny.

She shared that

she married

the man of her dreams in the US.

Moreover, they were familiar even before the romantic reality.

Beloved Varley lives in Miami, but his parents are Russian.

The artist told how happy she is in her marriage and how her husband supports Ukraine.

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